Assessing students’ and parents’ satisfaction and expectations from secondary education services in Greece

Apostolou George, International Hellenic University, Greece, Papatsimpas Achilleas, International Hellenic University, Greece, Gounas Athanasios, International Hellenic University, Greece, Gouna Ourania, International Hellenic University, Greece
Published online: 30 May 2020, JCETR, 4(1), pp. 14-20.

URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-pedocs-192933, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3769264

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Purpose: The purpose of this research was to investigate the degree of satisfaction of the educational system users, the services offered by the educational institutions and which criteria they use to attend one of them.

Methods: The investigation was carried out between 10 March 2019 and 11 June 2019, a representative sample of 357 individuals from the Greek population was selected. We investigated the degree of satisfaction of the education system users: students and parents, the services offered by the educational institutions: curricula, coaching- career guidance, teaching methods, recommendations, and which criteria they use to attend to one of them. Descriptive data analysis, Spearman’s correlation coefficient, nonparametric tests, were used to determine statistically significant differences and correlations between the variables.

Results: The results of the survey revealed that the most important criteria were, the educational material provided to students, the curricula, career guidance and counseling services, innovations in teaching methods and the less important were, wages of educational staff and advertising campaign.

Implications: These elements can be used in implementation of a strategic marketing plan. A more detailed analysis in relation to gender, occupation and educational level as well as a comparison with previous and future research is suggested


Secondary education in Greece, recession, selection criteria for educational services, educational organizations, needs of students

JEL Classification: I12, I20, I28