Art, cultural heritage and parent counselling activities, as pioneering practices for kindergarten class management

Eleni A. Bourotzoglou, Preschool Division, Greece
Published online: 27 April 2018, JCETR, 2(1), pp. 21-26.

URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-pedocs-189644, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3598462

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Abstract: The article is a teaching proposal of a great practical use. It discusses kindergarten class management, based on bibliographic review. It presents nine innovative Art activities, in order to manage the behavioral and emotional difficulties of the kids. It is considered whether it has been possible to replace traditional classroom management practices (such as exclusion from a popular activity, punishment, zero tolerance to acts opposing the rules of the class and consequences of bad actions) with the pioneering class management practices through Art activities. Four Art activities are presented on the article, where Art was utilized as a means of expression, communication and improvement of the behavior of children. Moreover, five Art activities with Parent Counseling are presented. Two of these Art activities with Parent Counseling (in the prehistoric hall of the Museum of Drama and in the ancient Agora of Philippi) engaged children in their Cultural Heritage, having parents as models of respect for the ancient monuments. In conclusion, the nine innovative Art activities developed the subjects of Kindergarten, kept the interest of the children undiminished and contributed to the progressive management of the classroom.

Keywords: Art, Cultural Heritage, Class Management, Kindergarten, Parent Counseling